Official Launch of Wandusoa Pilot Project.

Official Launch of Wandusoa's Pilot Project at Ekekam III.

Preserve and Restore Topsoil in Cameroon.

Wandusoa Organic Cameroon Launches its pilot project at Ekekam III Village, Lekie Division in Center Region of Cameroon. This is with the support from Earth Rising Foundation and The fiscal sponsorship of The Pollination Project.

A nine-month scholarship in our Regenerative Agriculture School to train and equipe marginalized youths especially female Internally Displaced secondary school drop-outs in Cameroon with regenerative agricultural/business skills so that they become socially, and ecologically responsible rural entrepreneurs.

Farmers grow 95% of their food in the uppermost layer of soil, called “top soil”. Yet this Topsoil is globally endangered. In the last 150 years, worldwide nearly half of the most productive part of the soil has disappeared due to unsustainable farm practices. If we continue to degrade the soil at the rate we are now, the world could run out of topsoil in about 60 years.

Kuta, the founder of “Wandusoa”, which means “plenty” in his local language, was born on a farm. Poverty brought him back to farming and he then realized that farmers have the ability to destroy or regenerate our planet. His main focus is regenerating topsoil and engaging youth in a movement that creates an organic Cameroon.

Creating generations of regenerators.

Today, one-third of our planet’s soil is already degraded. Ninety percent could become degraded by 2050. How do we produce food without healthy soil? All of us should know that healthy soil leads to healthy food, which again creates healthy people, and all of this maintains a healthy planet. In the last century, farmable soils have lost 80 percent of their minerals.

Wandusoa’s approach to solve this problem is setting up a Regenerative Agriculture school with on-campus enterprises that serve a dual purpose. On the one hand, these on-campus enterprises generate income to cover the school expenses and on the other hand they offer diverse learning opportunities for the youths.

After training, within four months of graduation, 85 percent of each graduating class will find good jobs, create their own small regenerative agriculture enterprises, or continue their studies at High School.


It is fulfilling and joyful when we consciously produce healthy and nutritious food while protecting our planet on which we all depend.

Lunch was serve at the Wandusoa’s temporal Learning Center. Immediately after lunch a farm tour was conducted led by the Farm Director Chi Donatus.

4 thoughts on “Official Launch of Wandusoa Pilot Project.”

  1. I am very happy and excited to be a beneficiary of this scholarship offered by Wandusoa in its pilot project at Ekekam 3.
    From there I will be able to learn many life skills and preserve and restore the topsoil needed for all species to survive. I am inviting you to join Wandusoa pilot project at Ekekam 3 tanks.

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