Mafah Cornelius Kuta is a regenerative farmer and former principal in Cameroon. He was born on the farm and he grew up on the farm in  a happy farming family with three brothers and four sisters. While working in the farms for the past twenty years, he discovered that farmers can actually regenerate the soil or degrade it. Mafah is guided by the values of generosity, empathy, truth, love, resilience, and kindness. He believes that all life is interconnected and, thus, the problem of one person affects all. Because of this, he believes in showing generosity and kindness towards oneself and the planet through thoughts, words, and actions. Mafah’s  goal is to create and establish a regenerative Agriculture school and regenerative agriculture movement by equipping farmers to regenerate land within culturally relevant and ecologically-appropriate contexts.




Efimba Helen Bemlue

Education Director.
Certified Secondary school teacher and farmer with 8 years of experience working with schools and rural women in helping them to create organic vegetable garden businesses for sustainable livelihood.

Tebid Mungyeh John Paul

Production Director
Agric-engineer with 10+ years experience as agricultural extension agent with the Ministry of Agriculture in Cameroon, training groups of farmers in the rural areas on soil management and diverse crops cultivation.

Chi Donatus Teke

Crop production coordinator
Regenerative farmer with Bachelors degree in Biology practicing for 8+ years in the rural communities in Cameroon.

Tafon Eric Abang.

Farm Assistant.
Former student and farmer. Tafon is the first beneficiary of this initiative. He joined us in 2010. He worked, learned graduated from our Self-Sufficient regenerative agriculture initiative and became a full time farmer.

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