Wandusoa Pilot Project 2023 Site selection and farm preparation by Team Members.

Ekekam iii village, Likie Division in the center region cameroon is Wandusoa's Pilot project site.

Wandusoa’s Team that is made up of the Founder Mafah Cornelius Kuta, the Director in charge of Farms and Production Chi Donatus Teke, the Academic Director Efimba Helen Bemlue and the Farm Assistant Eric Tafon selected the site for the pilot project last Tuesday 10-01-2023. It was also an opportunity for the Farms Director to lead the other team members in transplanting huckleberry that was overgrown in the garden’s nursery space. This is to create space for the incoming participants to be able to create their own vegetable nursery in the days ahead. A lot is going on here in Wandusoa as we are preparing to welcome our first batch of 20 regenerative farming students for a nine months training in regenerative agriculture/business skills and knowledge so that they become socially, and ecologically responsible rural entrepreneurs while preserving and restoring our topsoil needed for all species to survive. Thanks for your support.

7 thoughts on “Wandusoa Pilot Project 2023 Site selection and farm preparation by Team Members.”

  1. Wandusoa, this beginning is so strong, a sign of a great leap forward . Move on. I recommend our youths to engage in this path of conscious food production, preservation and restoration of Topsoil needed for all species to survive.

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