Welcome to Wandusoa Organic Cameroon Development Association.

Our vision

We envision the preservation and the restoration of the topsoil needed for all species to survive.


Our all-encompassing mission is to train and equip marginalized youths with regenerative agricultural and business skills so that they become socially, and ecologically responsible rural entrepreneurs. 

Who we are.

We are a team of dedicated regenerative agricultural/entrepreneurial professionals working with youths in the margins of the society by equipping them with adequate knowledge and skills in regenerative agriculture so that they become stewards of our planet.

Founder's Dream Speech.

The Problem

Our Approach

Our Impact

Farmers grow 95% of their food in the uppermost layer of soil, called “Topsoil”. Yet this Topsoil is globally endangered. In the last 150 years, worldwide nearly half of the most productive part of the soil has disappeared due to unsustainable farm practices. If we continue to degrade the soil at the current rate, the world could run out of topsoil in about 60 years. Today, one-third of our planet’s soil is already degraded. Ninety percent could become degraded by 2050. How do we produce food without healthy soil? All of us should know that healthy soil leads to healthy food, which again creates healthy people, and all of this maintains a healthy planet. Farmable soils have lost 80 percent of their minerals in the last century.

I have personally experienced that nine out of ten farmers from rural areas in Cameroon have been using chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers for more than 20 years. They cut down trees, till the soil, and engage in mono-cultural activities for example tomato cultivation just for short-term profits. By so doing, they neglect the cultivation of their staple food while damaging the environment and their health.

Wandusoa Organic Cameroon is running a regenerative agriculture school with on-campus small-scale enterprises that serve a dual purpose. On the one hand, these enterprises produce and sell organic farm products and services in the local markets, generating income to pay the school’s expenses and ensuring the school’s long-term financial sustainability. On the other hand, they offer marginalized youths diverse opportunities to learn regenerative agriculture/business skills in a hands-on way. The school’s program is a business plan embedded in the curriculum that allows students to study traditional subjects like Mathematics, and English language alongside practical regenerative agricultural subjects like agroforestry, permaculture, beekeeping, and livestock rearing. Our “learning-by-doing and earning” approach to education means that students graduate with the regenerative agriculture/business skills and experience they need to succeed in responsible jobs in the formal regenerative agricultural sector or as self-employed entrepreneurs.

Wandusoa Organic Cameroon launched its pilot project in January 2023 immediately after officially registering as a development association in Cameroon. This project entitled: “Restore and Preserve Topsoil in Cameroon” aimed at establishing an organic Vegetable enterprise as our first school enterprise to train and equip 20 marginalized youths in regenerative agricultural/business knowledge and skills so that they become socially and ecologically responsible rural entrepreneurs. 16 participants started this nine-month training course and we finally graduated 10 of them on the 7th of October 2023. 65% of our graduates have already started their regenerative farm businesses to produce healthy and nutritious food for thousands of people while restoring and preserving our topsoil.

Our Partners.

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