The Origin of Wandusoa Organic Cameroon.

The initiative of Wandusoa Organic Cameroon was born when the founder became a principal in a secondary school in 2006 that was almost closing its doors because of bankruptcy. Most students attending this school came from farming backgrounds whose parents could not pay their school fees. No subventions were coming from the government. And so, the school could not pay teachers nor cover its running costs. To him, this did not reflect the situation of a school located on rich volcanic soil with students from farming backgrounds. He proposed that for the school to survive, it should set up on-campus agricultural enterprises that could generate income to cover the school expenses. This idea was not welcome by the proprietor of the school because it had private ownership. Because of this, he resigned to create an organic mixed fruit tree and a food farm in the village that served as a training ground for school dropouts and a means of finance for the project itself. Farming in his community in Wotutu Village for close to 20 years, the founder of Wandusoa witnessed unsustainable farm practices by 90% of famers resulting to soil degradation, climate change, food insecurity and human health problems. Wandusoa Organic Cameroon was created to bring a long lasting solution to this problems.

Wandusoa Food Forest

Rehabilitation of Wandusoa Food Forest-Volunteer clearing.
Intro of food transformation and preservation workshop by Joshua Egbe.