Rehabilitation of Wandusoa Food Forest.


Rehabilitation of Wandusoa Food Forest-Volunteer clearing.
Wandusoa Regenerative Agriculture School.

Thanks to kanthari (https://www.kanthari.org/), our dream of preserving and restoring the topsoil has become a reality. Today, we are thrilled to announce to you valuable donors, contributors, collaborators, and partners that we had a very successful launch of our flagship project entitled The Rehabilitation of Wandusoa Food Forest in Saxenhof, Wotutu Village in Buea Sub-Division South-West Region of Cameroon.

Wandusoa expresses gratitude to the 10 volunteers from our local community who accepted our invitation to participate in the Clearing Phase of this rehabilitation project. We are already identifying some potential participants for the 2024 cohort of regenerative farmers among our volunteers. It is paramount for us to produce healthy food on healthy soil to heal ourselves and our planet. Please, enjoy the full information on this event through our blog in Omprakash at this link: https://www.omprakash.org/blog/the-rehabilitation-of-wandusoa-food-forest-

Please, listen to talks with one of our volunteers:https://youtu.be/QcCtbARtxfE. I hope you enjoyed it.


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