Conscious Food Transformation and Preservation training Workshop

The world is changing, pushed by crises, and shift of mindsets due to a lack of opportunities and some particular resources. Food preferences are progressing. Consumers are becoming more health conscious and more aware of environmental protection. The hunger for more organic products is also in Africa, especially n Cameroon. It is now on us (Wandusoa and Peace Crops Organizations to offer multiple pieces of training to the grass root farmers on localized and cost-efficient products. We conducted a one-day interactive and practical training workshop focus on food transformation and preservation. We made flour, pasta, and spaghetti but not made out of wheat. We produced pasta and spaghetti from local, starch-containing vegetables and roots, such as Cassava, coco yam, potatoes, Jackfruit, Plantain, etc.

Every crisis can function as a springboard for opportunities. The world is becoming a global village. The consequences of globalization are many. Consumer goods are transported from one country to another. Food is becoming richer and more diverse. The dark side-Dependency. Since the Ukraine war broke out, many African countries are experiencing food insecurity. In Cameroon for example, foods like pasta or cookies made from wheat are not available anymore. This forced us Partner together to think locally and pushed us into producing pasta made of starch-containing vegetables. The positive side effects are various: we are not just empowering our beneficiaries with new skills but consumers with gluten allergies can now eat pasta without worry. Pasta would now become affordable, also for low-income groups, and we focus more on local products. Additionally, our emphasis on organic food crops will encourage especially farmers to use less or no pesticides. Please, enjoy this encouraging introduction from the expert trainer Joshua Njeke, the Founder of PEACE CROPS CAMEROON a 2019 kanthari Alumnus through this link: https://youtu.be/COjiGYVfr9E.

Intro of food transformation and preservation workshop by Joshua Egbe.
Wandusoa post with Parliamentarians and officials of the Center Delegation of Agriculture of The Ministry of Agriculture, Cameroon.

This interactive workshop was graced with the presence of dignitaries and administrative heads of related institutions of Cameroon. We appreciate the presence of three Junior Senators, the General Manager of The National Football Academy and officials of the Regional Delegation of Agriculture in the Center Region of Cameroon amongst others.

Enjoy also these short videos highlighting some major activities during this event here:




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  1. Tiago Vilas Boas

    Keep up with this crucial work. Thank you for being a seed of hope and for inspiring so manny people.

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